Why Ideopia? We bring the Fire.

On of our clients said that "Ideopia gets down in the trenches with its clients and fights to win." We're passionate about our clients, the brands we represent, and driving results. Here's how we do it.

1. We've built a creative agency in medical and healthcare categories not known for imaginative work. Bold ideas and creative work are essential to building powerful and profitable brands.

2. A 15-person independent thinking and acting agency. It's personal and passionate.

3. Rich with capabilities, from strategic planning, web development, email marketing, video and social media to public relations, web marketing and off-line advertising. This allows us to react quickly; repurpose and amortize the cost of content; and synchronize tactics for greater impact and reach.

4. Nonsense free billing. You won't receive a bill for the mini bar, a fax, or for answering the phone. We concentrate on achieving big goals, not accounting. We expect to be compensated fairly, but not extravagantly.

5. We speak truth to power. We aren't a vending machine for marketing. If something is wobbling off course, or the power of our work is being diluted, we'll let you know. We're in this together, and we expect blunt feedback from you, and even respectful disagreement.

6. We bring our clients ideas. Constantly. It's not a program; it's just the way we think. We've trained R&D engineers in creative thinking, improved shipping and receiving, developed tours for patients, and projected ads on Chicago landmarks.

7. Please skip the RFPs, or cattle calls. We're happy to compete with other agencies, but we have no love for March Madness style shootouts.

8. No spec work, thank you. It's a distraction from work for other clients, and it doesn't represent our approach to handling an account.

9. We believe that the best brands are made from the inside out, so expect us to find ways to evangelize your message throughout your institution or company. (Ask us about the bears!)

10. Our clients pay our bills, but we make recommendations based on research and personal experience with your customers. Success hingse on our work responding to their needs and emotions.

25 Record Years

Steve Juenger, vice president of marketing for Reliance Medical products, talks about Ideopia's role in driving 25 years of record sales.

Launch of Startup

Mark Newkirk, CEO of Eyefficient recounts how Ideopia helped launch his startup.

25 Years of Medical and Healthcare Marketing Experience

Over the years, Ideopia has handled new product introductions, rebranding, repositioning, lead generation, content marketing and web development for an eclectic mix of clients, which includes:

  • Large and small physician practices
  • International medical conglomerates
  • Local and regional hospitals
  • High-tech medical devices
  • Educational institutions

We invite you to join the family.