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Möller Microsurgery

Putting the Finger On Neuro Microscope

Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Design, Print Advertising

Situation: Ideopia was tasked with introducing a new neurosurgical microscope. It featured breakthrough neuro-navigation and one touch balancing.

Surprisingly, research showed that the strategy should center on one-button balancing instead of neuro- navigation, and that the primary audience should be O.R. supervisors instead of neurosurgeons. The auto-balancing system saved significant time (sometimes hours) during a procedure, which made it healthier for the patient, the surgeon and the O.R. schedule.

Challenge: Low product awareness in the United States, and the assumption that neuro-navigation would be the primary selling point.

Solution: Tight strategic focus, and creative that made the message unforgettable. Advertising dramatized the simplicity and speed of balancing the microscope with a single finger. To further underscore the selling point, we gave nurses and surgeons manicure kits after demoing the product at tradeshows.

Results: Möller sold out its first year’s inventory in three months, and started accepting back orders.