Medical Marketing Services

Integrated advertising, web development, social media, and public relations

Integrated marketing, shmintegrated marketing. You’ve heard it all before. At Ideopia Medical Marketing, though, we not only have the capabilities, we’ve dedicated the time to develop workflows that we make all digital, social and offline work harmoniously work together. That’s how we turn our clients into powerful forces in the marketplace. Click down the headings for more.

A concise marketing strategy is the GPS for success of hospital and medical device brands alike. In a nutshell, we review past performance and compare it to future goals. Our marketing strategies operate in the gap to pave a path from the past to the future.

By immersing ourselves in your product, competitive marketing, and the business environment, we will formulate a reason for doctors, researchers and patients to prefer your brand.

But that’s not enough today. Customers want to love their brands. Especially when their life or someone else’s is on the line. These new requirements require inside out branding. Who are you on the inside, and how do you communicate it externally?

Through planning, interviews and research we will answer questions about what your brand should sound like. And based on the true qualities of your organization, we’ll cook-up a strategy that will enable your brand to thrive in the market.

  • Print, Newspapers, Journals
  • Broadcast - TV, radio
  • Out-of-home - billboards, busboards
  • Design - corporate ID, signage

Ideopia has won dozens of industry awards for healthcare and medical advertising based on two simple ideas. Before we can get anyone to listen, we must have their attention. Before we can persuade them to act, we must give them a reason. Please take a minute to see our portfolio, and you’ll see why. As with all the components of our integrated marketing, our advertising is consistent visually

Ideopia provides a full suite of services to support your web presence:

  • Programming
  • Content management systems
  • Copy – whitepapers, enewsletters
  • Design – site design, infographics, motion graphics
  • Ecommerce sites
  • Mini sites and landing pages
  • Application development for the web and mobile devices
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)

Both healthcare and medical devise sites require specialized approaches. A hospital, for instance, must be cognizant of education levels in its community, and the responsiveness required to make sites accessible to the disabled.

Websites developed for medical device manufacturers must accommodate different layers of decision makers, from scientists and doctors to lay people who may approve capital purchases.

That’s why our process of branded web development starts with intensive marketing up front. We identify audiences and their specific information needs. And develop an experience that offers quick access to information, and brings users as close to “the real thing” as possible.

Our web marketing also zooms in on competitors to evaluate their branding, messaging, and the web of social media and content that feeds their sites.

Now we’re ready to design a competitive web site that drives traffic, retains traffic, and inspires return visits.

We live in the era of “don’t tell me anything, show me.” This makes video a critical tool in our arsenal. And we’ve used it for a smorgasbord of applications: physician interviews and demonstrations, corporate video, factory tours, tradeshow productions, instructional video and animations, and commercials.

Check out our video portfolio on YouTube.

  • Strategy and technical setup
  • Content creation – all media
  • Integration with social media & public relations
  • CRM / Marketing automation integration
  • Equip website
  • All technical and creative aspects of email and email landing pages
responsive medical and healthcare websites

Ideopia has the broad range of capabilities necessary to handle content marketing and marketing automation in house. We’ll start by designing an overall strategy for your program, and defining content types and topics. With marketing automation, we’ll set up your platform, integrate it with CRM, and start staging in workflows based on your marketing priorities. Ideopia can create whitepapers, emails and landing pages, letters, videos, or other media that makes sense for your application.

  • Research & program design
  • Metrics
  • Strategy
  • Platform provisioning
  • Training
  • Collaborative approaches

Social media provides the opportunity to make brand impressions, connect directly with patients and prospects, push engaged traffic to your site, and establish a leadership position with quality content. At Ideopia, we design scalable programs that tap the unique qualities of every platform. In our integrated model, social media also plays an important role by making other tactics more effective, e.g. email marketing, print advertising, content marketing, and marketing automation.

  • PR Strategy
  • Media Relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Shareholder Relations
  • Product Launches
  • Digital PR
  • Events
  • Metrics

Ideopia practices both broadband and niche approaches. While mass audiences are appealing for some products and brands, sometimes the most powerful impact might be achieved from smaller but well respected blogs. Our workflows incorporate social media to increase the reach of stories, and to use them as a base for content marketing. Ask about integrated public relations as part of your marketing efforts.

  • Planning
  • Booth design and graphics
  • Seminar management
  • Lead follow-ups
  • POS and collateral
  • Social media and web support
  • Video and animations

Ideopia’s wide-ranging capabilities are perfect for focusing the key messages for your next tradeshow, and simplifying implementation. Starting with (early) planning, we can organize and execute everything you need: new product launches, seminar promotion and management, booth graphics, email promotion, video, medical animations, and advertising ahead of the event, and social media campaigns before and during the show. We can also design follow-up campaigns for prospects after they have left the booth.

Medical tradeshows represent a big investment, we’re here to make sure you achieve your business and marketing objectives.