The Case for Ideopia Medical Marketing

Invision Eye Fitness & Fashion

Optometrists Become Fashionable & Fit

Research, Strategy, Corporate Identity, Radio, Outdoor, Direct Mail, Email, Website, Store Merchandising

Situation: The offices in both locations were dowdy, and the mostly older patients identified with the doctors who previously owned the practice. Research revealed two very different market profiles. One was upscale. Which featured brand name fashions. This market also had the highest per capita of cosmetic surgery in the U.S. The other location was middle class and family oriented.

Solution: We created the Eye Fitness and Fashion thematic line for Invision to position itself for both markets. Advertising, point-of-sale, and equipment received a complete makeover.

Results: Year one, the practice doubled sales. Year two, they were able to invest in and build a third location.