About our agency

Ideopia doesn’t have an organizational chart. We organize ourselves based on client needs. An account director is assigned to every client’s business, and he or she serves as a single point of contact and coordination. Our leadership group includes:


Bill Abramovitz, CEO and Creative Director, has lead Ideopia's creative team to over 120 regional, national and international awards.


Susan Abramovitz, President and Brand Director, oversees all account planning and strategy for our medical clients.


Ben Singleton, Director of Public Relations, is battle hardened (literally). His team handles digital and off-line public relations.


Curt Staubach, Director of Interactive, manages all of Ideopia’s web products, including websites, landing pages, blogs, apps, and email marketing.


Tori Tarvin, Director of Social Media, heads up social media, and plays an important role in the execution of content marketing projects.

A Brief History

In 1990, Ideopia, like many great startups, came to life in a leaky suburban basement. The founders, Bill and Susan Abramovitz, had a stake of $50, and a passion for three principles: The value of creativity and strategy as a transformative power in business. And the belief that marketing can impact social issues as well.

Those core ideas still drive our company today.

Our first client was an ophthalmologist in 1990. The second was his father, an optometrist. Shortly after, we became the lead agency for Haag-Streit USA, a medical conglomerate with medical diagnostic devices, surgical microscopes, medical software, and laser divisions in Switzerland, Germany and the UK.

The hallmarks of our work are curiosity, tenacity and creativity.

Though we have extensive hybrid capabilities, the hallmarks of our work are curiosity, tenacity and creativity. All crucial characteristics for success in healthcare and medical marketing for both clients and B2B prospects.